An illustrator is an artist who creates images for various companies and industries, such as fashion design, children's books, magazines, web sites, technical designs and advertising. The illustrator will use various techniques to create effects, like the simplicity of black and white, the richness of colour, or the use of light and shadows. Part of the tasks of an illustrator is drawing images for labels, advertising materials or packaging. New illustrations are always needed for wrapping paper, greeting cards, books, magazine covers and advertising.

In the visual art world, illustrators have sometimes been considered less important in comparison with fine artists and graphic designers. But as the result of computer game and comic industry growth, illustrations are becoming valued as popular and profitable art works that can acquire a wider market than the other two, especially in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and USA.

An illustration is a decoration, interpretation or visual explanation of a text, concept or process, designed for integration in published media, such as posters, flyers, magazines, books, teaching materials, animations, video games and films.


  • Character Design
  • ​Lay Out Design
  • ​Cover Design​
  • Promotional Posters​
  • Banners​ 
  • and more...

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